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All Rise

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Books by Dick Bentley

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Dick Bentley cuts-out his characters with a humorously sharp and straight-edged tool, but his vision is always focused on the inner person.
- Peter Schneider

With a strong sense of the disorientation that features our time, Richard Bentley conjures up in his stylistic short stories a world that aptly reflects the absurdity and degeneration of our own.
- Xiaoda Xiao

Post-Freudian Dreaming

A General Theory of Desire
"If you ever wondered what John Updike would read like on acid, trip out with Dick Bentley. He can take you far out and then surprise you by evoking ordinary life and feeling so unerringly. Flashbacks guaranteed."
- Diane Lefer
"It's the poet's voice - inquisitive, edgy at times, tender - that gathers these poems together; a voice both innocent and lacerating."
- Clare Rossini

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