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Updike on Acid
If you ever wondered what John Updike would read like on acid, trip out with Dick Bentley. He can take you far out and then surprise you by evoking ordinary life and feeling so unerringly. Flashbacks guaranteed.
- Diane Lefer, author of Radiant Hunger, Very Much Like Desire, The Circles I Move In, and California Transit (winner of the 2005 Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction).

There seems to be no limit to where Bentley's writerly mind might take him: bar rooms, shabby-sad neighborhoods, radon-filled basements. Line after line leapt out at me, sometimes elegant as Fred Astaire, sometimes like a monkey mugging with huge teeth.
-Sharon Sheehe Stark, author of The Dealer's Yard and A Wrestling Season.

Post-Freudian Dreaming is a sampling of nonfiction, poetry and stories, wide-ranging romps that nonetheless bear a family resemblance --- an avid wry curiosity about the world and its ways, a willingness to look a quarter turn to the quirky for answers and the consistent quiet grace of the language."
Bonnie Wells, book reviewer, Hampshire Daily Gazette

Bentley has a really first-rate imagination. At times playful, at other times darkly satiric, at still other times empathetic, it's a talent that continually illuminates his work.
- W. D. Wetherell, author of The Man Who Loved Levittown, Chekhov's Sister, Morning, and
A Century of November.

Dick Bentley grew up in the midwest, and attended Yale and the Vermont College MFA Program. He served as Chief Planner for the Mayor's Office of Housing in Boston, has taught creative writing at the University of Massachusetts, and currently teaches at Western New England College. He lives in Amherst, Massachusetts and is the husband of Carolyn and father of Nicholas and Julia. His poetry has received Pushcart Prize recognition. He was a prize-winner in the Paris Review / Paris Writers Workshop International Fiction Awards for 1994.

Dick Bentley's stories are spare and unadorned, like a Japanese room. But that simplicity is an illusion, and you soon realize that, in the right hands, less can mean more and just a few words can say volumes.
- Gerald Clarke, author of Capote: A Biography and Get Happy: The Life of Judy Garland.

The title refers to a thesis that 'humankind is entering a post-Freudian dream world in which dreams actually mean something' since their content has begun to reflect human progress - including graphs, charts, and equations. Bentley woke up screaming from this dream and presumably continued writing the pieces in this brief, incisive collection.
Christopher Rand, author of Making Democracy Safe for Oil.

What a mind is displayed in Richard Bentley's stories - especially the stunning, mysterious Nighthawk Falls - Dusk - what intelligence, what fun!
- Pamela Painter, author of Getting to Know the Weather and The Long and Short of It.

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